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Jaipur Tourism – Top Tourist Attraction visit in Jaipur the pink

Jaipur - The Pink City of India in Rajasthan 

Jaipur's most famous city of India. In 1749, Ishwari Singh was made to make a memorial of victory against his half brother Madho Singh. Later, Ishwari committed suicide before the tireless battle of Marata's army. Their 21 wives and concubines threw themselves into the fire of the funeral of their funeral. Located near the door of Tripolisa (in the same name market) Tea in the Chandpol's market.
One color can have a special meaning for a particular culture, one of the reasons is that it will help us understand the essence of the city of Jaipur, India. Of Rajasthan is known in many honors: "Paris of India", the most colorful city in Asia, but especially in the city of Jaipur, the pink city of India, a name that can be seen in the color of its facades by having an essence so far. It also has this Palace of an already colorful city for its markets and tattoo elephants. 
maharajah Jai Singh, first of all, refers to the desire of the founder of the city 1727, copying the color of buildings built in red sandstone during the Mughal
Empire, is considered to be affiliated with deportation. The study of India through an urban system is an improvement that requires the beautification of each of these places.
Spoiled of Jaipur City, Jaipur city of Jaipur edition, more comprehensive, dates back to 1876, when Prince Wells and Albert of Queen Elizabeth visited this city as part of its India tour of the famous Golden Triangle. They say that pink color, which symbolizes hospitality for leaders of Jaipur, is the reference that Maharaja Singh Ram painted the facades of the most important buildings for the order of his subjects temples and strong, pink visitors in order to obtain.
Legend says that in 1877, one year after his long-awaited journey, Maharaja preferred one of the women to make sure he kept the pink color different, a wish that reflected in any case, there was a ban on any part of the building. Tea third edition states that Rajasthan is a type of sandstone in the state, in which there is a terracotta pink tint, which was first used in the year 1799 for the construction of the Surak Palace (known as the Sainik Mahal). Jaipur, India 's Gulabi Nagaris Palace of Havas With the passage of time, some of the visitors of India are more likely to come back to Egypt instead. However, our perception about the city of Jaipur, Maharaja has chosen to influence a prince who has come to the other side of the world. Forever a piece of frozen history in the future of the future generations of visitors to the world of the future

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